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Our Dogs


Marilyn Monroe

AKC Registered Golden Retriever

Marilyn Monroe is an AKC registered Golden Retriever and the sweetest, sassiest lady on the farm. She has a beautiful creamy gold coat and the prettiest golden ears you will see. Her eyes sparkle every day and my guess is, if she could, she would rock a killer pair of red high heels.



CKC Registered Cocker Spaniel

Buddy is a CKC registered Cocker Spaniel and probably prefers our five year old son over anyone else in the entire world. Buddy could quite possibly be the sweetest cocker that I've ever meet. His coat is a pretty, silky buff color and rarely sheds. Besides playing with our sons, Buddy enjoys sun bathing, watching farm machinery and cuddling with Marilyn or one of our cats.

Our Dogs: Team
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