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Our Miniature Golden is sweet and beautiful. He also comes from a huge support system. We are so lucky to have found this family!


We couldn’t be happier with our sweet puppy, Polly! Ashley was quick to respond and fill us in on all the pertinent information regarding the transition, eating, temperament and specific breed. Loved working with her amazing family and can’t wait to keep in touch over the years.


I highly recommend these pups and the breeder to anyone looking for this kind of dog. Ruthie is loving and sweet. She is smart and loves going for walks. She has been easy to train.


Ashley was great at answering all of my questions and moving the process along so I could get Ruby (pink collar, 12/27/18) as fast and easily as possible when she was ready to move to her new home. She was so helpful with anything I asked, no matter the question. Ruby has been an angel—her temperament is fantastic and she is the most loving little puppy in the world. She’s so adorable that we have to plan an extra 10-15 minutes for each walk because everyone wants to stop us to say hi to her!


I highly recommend their puppies! Our Maggie Mae has a great disposition & is eager to learn new things. She Loves her family & enjoys meeting new people.


Country Road Canine pups are honestly the best.Here is just a few reasons why you should get one of these cute little monsters-  1. They are seriously the cutest dog- but don’t get one if you hate being stopped and complimented that your dog is the cutest. It comes with the territory. They are the cutest and everyone will know. Odds are you will probably make new friends based on the simple fact that you have the cutest dog. 2. They love everything, everyone, every creature. Our neighbor? His best friend. The cat? definitely his best friend. Every dog he sees? Instant best friend. He is so easy going I wish I were more like him.  3. He’s the perfect mix of lazy potato and down to go on 6+ mile hikes. He’s an active pup that is always down for an adventure but he loves staying in and cuddling just as much. He’s the perfect city apartment pup.  4. Which brings me to my favorite point- that you will never meet a better cuddle buddy. He’s the kind of pup that will melt in your arms and stay there all night.  5. Finally, Ashley is great. She made getting a pup from across the country so easy. She is the best communicator and I feel so grateful for her bringing this little man into my life. Because of her I have my best friend. I never knew how much I could love a dog. If you’re looking for a reputable breeder that truly loves her dogs, look no further. 
P.S. If you’re thinking, not ALL the pups are like this there is no way they are THAT perfect? Country Roads Canines has an instagram where a lot of the siblings talk to each other and this has been the general consensus. They really are that perfect.

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